The purpose of this Incident Management Policy is to establish guidelines for the effective identification, reporting, and resolution of technology incidents related to Squid Alerts within our organization.


This policy applies to all employees, contractors, and third-party service providers who utilize Squid Alerts as part of our technology infrastructure.

Incident Identification

All employees are responsible for promptly reporting any unusual activity, disruptions, or security incidents related to Squid Alerts to the designated incident response team.
Automated monitoring tools will be employed to detect and alert on potential incidents related to Squid Alerts.

Incident Reporting

Employees must report incidents through the designated reporting channels, including a dedicated incident reporting platform or directly to the IT department.
Incident reports should include detailed information about the nature of the incident, the affected systems, and any observed impact.

Incident Categorization and Prioritization

Upon receipt of an incident report, the incident response team will categorize and prioritize the incident based on severity and potential impact on business operations.

Incident Response

A dedicated incident response team will be responsible for initiating immediate actions to contain, eradicate, and recover from the incident.
The incident response team will follow established procedures for Squid Alerts incident resolution, considering the specific nature of the incident.


Clear and timely communication will be maintained throughout the incident response process, both internally and externally, as necessary.
Regular updates will be provided to relevant stakeholders, ensuring transparency and accountability.


All incidents and their resolution processes will be thoroughly documented, including a post-incident analysis to identify root causes and preventive measures.


Incidents will be escalated to higher levels of management as needed, particularly in cases of severe impact or extended downtime.

Training and Awareness

Regular training sessions will be conducted for employees to increase awareness of incident reporting procedures and the importance of timely reporting.

Continuous Improvement

The incident response process will be regularly reviewed and updated to incorporate lessons learned from past incidents, ensuring continuous improvement.


This policy aligns with relevant legal and regulatory requirements concerning incident management and data security.

Review and Approval

This Incident Management Policy will be reviewed annually and updated as necessary. Any changes will be communicated to all relevant stakeholders.


Non-compliance with this policy may result in disciplinary action, as outlined in the organization's broader IT policies.