Escalation Chains

Never Miss an Alert

Configure escalation chains to make sure that someone is responding to your issues.

Escalation chains allow you to notify members of your team using a variety of methods. Until an alert is acknowledged or resolved, the alert will continue to be sent based on how you've configured your escalation chain.

When configuring your escalation chain, first you need to decide who is contacted at each stage:

  • Primary On-Call - This looks at your On-Call Calendar to determine who is currently the primary person you want to receive alerts.
  • Secondary On-Call - This looks at your On-Call Calendar to determine who is currently the secondary or backup person person you want to receive alerts.
  • A Specific Team Member - If you want a specific person to always receive an alert. For example, Bobby B. always wants an email when there's a dragon attack.
  • All Team Members - Have all the team members receive the alert.
  • All Team Managers - Managers differ from team members in Squid Alerts in that they have access to manage the on-call calendar and setup the escalation chain for their team. This option allow anyone that's setup as a manager of the team to be notified.
  • All Team Members & Managers - When no one answers, sometimes you just want to notify everyone on the team.

After deciding who gets notified, the team manager can decide how they should be notified.

  • Email - Sends an email with all the details along with a link to acknowledge the alert.
  • SMS / Text - Sends a text with a shortened version of the alert. The recipient can acknowledge the alert by replying with ACK to the message.
  • Voice Phone Call - Calls the team member's phone and reads the details of the alert. The recipient can press 1 to acknowledge the alert.
  • User Preference - Users can specify their preferred method of communication (email, SMS, or voice). This will send out the message based on what that user has selected.

Time before escalation is how long to wait until triggering the next stage of the escalation chain. For example if you want to send an email when the alert comes in and then give 10 minutes before texting the on-call resources, set the Time Before Escalation to 10 minutes on the first step.

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