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Squid Alerts uses on-call calendars and escalation chains to forward your alerts to the right person though SMS, voice, email, and push notifications.

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All the features you care about without charging an arm and a tentacle.

  • Unlimited Users & Teams
  • SMS, Email, Voice, or Push
  • Alert Routing Rules
  • Incident Management
  • On-Call Calendars
  • Inbound Numbers & Live Calls

Here's How it Works!

We've made Squid Alerts super easy. You can have your team receiving alerts in minutes.


Create a TeamAlerts from other systems are sent to your team through email, API, or voicemail. You can have managers and team members. You can also set flood protection settings, shared phone numbers for direct routing to the on-call team member, and other integrations.


Setup Rules & Escalation ChainsTeam managers can define alert routing rules and escalation chains. When an alert comes in the routing rules determine if you want to create an incident, forward the alert, or ignore it. Escalation chains determine who get's notified, how, and when.


Define Your On-CallOn-call calendars allow you to configure primary and secondary on-call resources. Let us manage your on-call automatically or setup custom schedules. You can also get reminders when you forget to update your on-call calendar.


Start Getting NotifiedAfter an alert comes in, a new incident will get generated. Notifications will be sent based on your team's escalation chain until the incident is acknowledged. Your team can track the state of the incident as well as manage the converstaion directly within Squid Alerts.

Direct Integrations

We're working on direct integrations with other snazzy tools. Let us know if something is missing off the list.

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New Relic
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