Getting Started

Sign Up Process

Signing up for Squid Alerts is super quick and easy. We don't even require a credit card!

The first step is to create a new Squid Alerts account, for this you'll need to provide:

  • Company Name - This is obviously the name of your company. It does have to be unique, because we use your company name to create inbound alerting email addresses. For example, if I have a team named "Rock Stars" in the "Andromeda" comany, then my team's inbound email address will be [email protected].
  • Your Name - What you want other people in your company to see in Squid Alerts.
  • Email Address - You'll use this to login as well as receive email based notifications.
  • Phone Number - This is to receive phone and SMS notification from Squid Alerts. It is also used for two-factor authentication if you've configured it as a requirement for you company. Heads up! Before we send any notifications, we require that an administrator in your company has a verified phone number. This is to help avoid fraudulent phone calls.
  • Password - As a best practice, the password you use to login to your account should be unique to Squid Alerts. By default we require the password to be 6 characters long, but we have password settings so that you can set a much more strict policy for users in your company.

That's it!